ZAYAZD - means a sudden attack, invasion as is generally known from Mr Tadeusz, Adam Mickiewicz's verse-novel, as well as an Old Polish hotel and inn.

It is the name LECH MAKOWIECKI, leader of Babsztyl, once cultic student band (after it succeeded in Debuts in the Opole Music Festival, its 230,000 albums entitled "Szykuj się, bracie!" were sold!), chose in 1986 for his newly formed band to play both pop, folk-rock and country. Its name, i.e. ZAYAZD, is written with Y in the middle according to old archaic spelling rules.

Since the very beginning of its activity Zayazd has gained a great number of faithful fans due to the beauty, talent and magnificent "angelic" voice of BOŻENA MAKOWIECKA. In addition, thanks to witty and affable emceeing of Lech Makowiecki (guitarist, vocalist, author and composer of most songs) connected with natural spontaneity of the musicians on the scene concerts of the Gdańsk group have always changed into joint lively fun of the band with its audience.

Due to skillful combination of a sound of violin and electric guitar Zayazd sounds modern and has a recognizable style. The band was many a time a guest and laureate of the Piknik Country Festival in Mrągowo, where it distinguished itself from other groups by its author repertoire strongly rooted in the Polish tradition. And this is why it was granted awards for its whole activity and for promoting Polishness in its songs by both Korneliusz Pacuda (Piknik Country) and Wojciech Cejrowski (Ciemnogród). Due to the fact that the band has sung its songs in Polish it managed to gain numerous awards and friendly attitude of the media. Zayazd made several TV recitals (e.g. for TVP2, TV Gdańsk, TV Katowice, Polsat); it is also a frequent guest of Pikniks, popular concerts organized by TVP2.

For several years Zayazd's Christmas carols have been very popular; Cicha Noc [Silent Night] was even presented in the Country Music Television in Nashville! And the band was handed a prestigious award by Mr. Walter Dudycz, Illinois Senator.

The group cannot complain about the lack of work; due to its skills to warm up each audience it is mainly invited to big outdoor events. However, Zayazd is also successful in small concert halls and in churches (Christmas carols). The band took part in many international and national festivals (Intercountry Praha, Country Palace in Stockholm, Berlin, Rostock, Chicago, etc.). In 1992 Zayazd inaugurated the International Song Festival in Sopot, and in 1999 it was a guest of Eurofolk (TV Polonia) and gained one of the main prizes in Mrągowo for Lech Makowiecki's song Easy Rider - Siwy Wilk (earlier his other songs, Ostatni Zayazd and Jestem ze wsi, were granted festival awards). His Siódma Baśń song in the debut performance by Joanna Kozak qualified for the Mrągowo'2000 finals. Recently, the Zajazd leader writes more and more for other performers. His songs were performed by VOX and Majka Jeżowska; and in June 1999 the best singers from Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot greeted the Pope in Sopot with the Wielka Radość hymn. The Mój dom, mój świat refrain was a soundtrack in the commercial of one of the presidential candidates in the 2000 elections...

Bożena and Lech Makowieccy, still as budding artists, gained numerous awards in different contests. Their home collection includes, for example, Gold and Silver Ring from the Kołobrzeg Festival (Bożena was just 16 years old!), Bronze Samovar from the Zielona Góra Festival, two honorable mentions at the Cracow Student Song Festival, qualification into the "Golden Ten" of the Young Talent Festival in Toruń and many, many other prizes.

The Gold Record granted by Polskie Nagrania, Polish recording company, hangs in the prominent place in their house. Moreover, they deserve a Platinum Record for illegally distributed Kolędy by Polish phonographic pirates.

Today Zayazd implements its creative projects and participates in significant cultural events. Katarzyna Gaertner invited the band to take part in the premiere of Śpiewnik Kaszubski (Kashubian Song-Book). Even Stanisław Moniuszko's Prząśniczka or Frederic Chopin's Wish sung by them sound so modern that you feel like dancing... The Romantyczność Recital (TVP2) consisting of songs to the lyrics of Adam Mickiewicz's youth poems and catchy music by Lech Makowiecki met with applause of both the audience in the Mrągowo Amphitheater and critics' enthusiastic reviews. By the way, Biesiada z Wieszczem, fourth CD record of Zayazd, was approved and recommended by the Minister of National Education as a teaching aid for secondary schools! During Festiwal Pieśni Kresowej'2000 [Eastern Border Culture Festival] the enthusiastic audience got up and sang together Sto lat to Zayazd!

Zayazd conquers and gains a good position on the Polish music market (Well, it is worth its name). At the same time it reminds that it was Zayazd who was a precursor of the recently fashionable folk-rock...

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